Nillni: Surface / Ensemble Alternance

Nillni: Surface / Ensemble Alternance

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“I am very interested in the approach of Dan Flavin, Sol Lewitt, François Morellet, Ellsworth Kelly, Doug Wheeler … I am touched by the purity of the forms of their works, by their false pure appearance. In detail, there is chaos, a false symmetry, a disorganization. My music has not a function to represent these works. It is just their geometrical aspect which I incorporate, a vibratory geometry. Unstable edges give this vibration as that of a cell moving in the space. It is the vibration which gives this unstable shape but it moves in a fixed structure: it is a simple metaphor of the organic cell. It is not completely a coincidence if I am attracted by visual forms proposing courses. The labyrinthic shape is a musical source of inspiration for me as well as the kaleidoscopic shape and moreover my way of writing the music brings me towards labyrinthic forms.” (Ricardo Nillni) Born in 1960 in Buenos Aires, Argentina, Ricardo Nillni studied composition at the Faculty of Arts and Musical Sciences in Buenos Aires where he obtained in 1985 the license and the higher diploma of composition. At the same time, he studied contemporary techniques with Francisco Kropfl and worked at the Electroacoustic Music Center of Buenos Aires (LIPM).

Product Description:

  • Catalog Number: STR37194

  • UPC: 8011570371942

  • Label: Stradivarius

  • Composer: Ricardo Nillni

  • Orchestra/Ensemble: Ensemble Alternance

  • Performer: Claire Merlet, Jean-Luc Menet, Jean-Marie Cottet, Noé Nillni