Oriental Touch: Early Music Meets Jazz / FizFüz & Freiburger Spielleyt

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Oriental touch - early music meets oriental jazz is the exciting result of a sound experiment that the ensemble FizFüz entered into with the Freiburger Spielleyt: here, an ensemble that has been successfully dealing with the music of the minstrels in the Middle Ages and Renaissance for almost a quarter of a century meets a renowned jazz ensemble that has its roots in the traditions of Turkish music and klezmer. But it is not only an encounter with music from the most diverse cultures and around 1000 years of music history, it is also an encounter of musical personalities with the most diverse cultural roots, who engage with each other here with hearts and open ears. They look for points of contact and find them in the musical tradition of early Spain, where Occident and Orient were still close to each other. But they also search for the different and dare to interpret Monteverdi's popular song "Si dolce e'l tormento", traditional Arabic or Sephardic melodies together. The result is a rousing mixture of many influences and imprints that come together to form a harmonious whole with a lot of fire and esprit - music that goes to the heart, to the ear and to the legs!

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  • Release Date: April 15, 2022

  • Catalog Number: CHR02262

  • UPC: 4010072022622

  • Label: Christophorus

  • Number of Discs: 1