Paciorkiewicz: Violin Concertos / Telecki, Gadzina

Paciorkiewicz: Violin Concertos / Telecki, Gadzina

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This new release from Dux presents Violin Concertos by composer Tadeusz Paciokiewicz. Paciokiewicz used to say that “even the best craftsmanship and compositional skills are only a means to achieve the goal of expressing a work”. In every composition by Tadeusz Paciorkiewicz, there is a multiplicity and changeability of moods. The character of his music oscillates between the poles of extreme emotions, using refined nuances. The composer received many awards and distinctions for his pedagogical and artistic activity. Tadeusz Paciorkiewicz wrote the following about his works: “The most characteristic features of my style include, above all, the symbiosis of homophony with polyphony and the use, especially in themes, of all twelve notes of the scale. The use of the full twelve--note scale does not imply, however, any connection with the dodecaphonic technique. I tend to lean towards the atonal style, without sacrificing tonality, which I use quite individually. In my works, I prefer classical forms: sonata, concerto, symphony, rondo, or variations. I also often use baroque forms, such as passacaglia, fugue, or cantata. Emotionality is an inherent feature of my com-positions, without which the music is dead and boring, and boredom is actually the enemy of art.”

Product Description:

  • Catalog Number: DUX1316

  • UPC: 5902547013169

  • Label: DUX

  • Composer: Tadeusz Paciorkiewicz

  • Conductor: Adam Klocek

  • Orchestra/Ensemble: Huberman Philharmonic Czestochowa