Quadrants, Vol. 2 / Pedroia String Quartet

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With Quadrants, Navona Records presents six of today’s best modern string quartets that meld the old with the new, combining traditional forms with contemporary influences to present expressive, emotional works that both make and break the mold. Quadrants Volume 2 seeks to bring the emotive works of six contemporary composers together, with each work communicating both deeply personal and universal messages. These messages are made all the more potent when expressed through the multifaceted voice and intimate setting of the string quartet -- in this case, the acclaimed Boston group, the Pedroia String Quartet. The Pedroia String Quartet brings a combined fresh energy and maturity to the Quadrants series. Each member is a master in his own right. Between the four performers are tours from London to Seoul, the founding of one of America’s freshest new chamber ensembles, “A Far Cry,” and countless awards and features with the world’s greatest ensembles. Put all of this together in one quartet, and you get the idea. Establishing themselves as one of the top contemporary string quartets, The Pedroia Quartet brings the work of Navona’s composers to life with a spirit that is intense and virtuosic while remaining sensitive and tender. Quadrants Volume 2 is only the second stop in a series of composers and performers of the highest caliber. With a personal message and a powerful ensemble, however, this stop is not to be missed.

Product Description:

  • Catalog Number: NV6184

  • UPC: 896931004848

  • Label: Navona

  • Composer: Ferdinando De Sena, L. Peter Deutsch, Marvin Lamb, Paul Osterfield

  • Orchestra/Ensemble: Pedroia String Quartet