Scarlatti: XXIV Sonate per organo / Ruggeri

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Among the 555 Scarlatti sonatas, those expressly dedicated to organ performance are in the minority. We are dealing with seven to eight sonatas where the organ is, from time to time, alluded to with specific wording (“Per organ da camera”, or “For chamber organ”), with stop indications or, more generally speaking, with a relatively sober style, as in some fugues, distinguishing it from the usual harpsichord idiom. Thus, this recording is not intended to present a Scarlattian organistic production that is almost nonexistent. The sonatas chosen do not at all belong to that small group of organ pieces. Rather, they are placed among those markedly for the harpsichord both in musical style and considering today’s frequent performances or recordings of them. However, the extraordinary richness of Scarlatti’s writing often lends itself to “alternative” interpretations, so that one can imagine chords, acciaccaturas, scales and melodic figures in a sonorous dimension different from the usual. The principle followed was to accomplish a sort of “instrumentation” at the organ using organistic effects to highlight even more certain expressive traits of Scarlattian writing. For this reason, characteristic sonatas with strong rhythmic-harmonic contrasts and markedly colorful—almost descriptive—effects were chosen. In these cases, adaptation to the organ was easier and more plausible on a strictly musical (though not “philological”) level.

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