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Scriabin: Poems, Colors, Flames / Aji

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Jerfi Aji s a Turkish pianist who successfully attended the Sicily International Piano Competition, winning the right to publish an album with its affiliated label Vermeer. He is an exceptional pianist, with sensitivity and encompassing cultural awareness; he is also an engineer and speaks four languages fluently. Aji has become one of the most acclaimed Scriabin performers. His comprehension of the great Russian composer reveals itself with a clear understanding of the contemporary quality of Scriabin's works. Aji “reads” and performs Scriabin not as a composer working more than a century ago, but as a contemporary. The tracks on this album, selected and sequenced by the artist following a strict logical and aesthetic path defined by intimacy and asceticism, find their natural end with the fabulous Vers la flamme op. 72, one of the most amazing Scriabin works.

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  • Release Date: February 04, 2022

  • Catalog Number: VRM400030

  • UPC: 8021945005099

  • Label: Vermeer Records

  • Number of Discs: 1