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Capped by one of the most famous speeches ever written, Shakespeare’s Henry V recalls a truly great English victory. With comic sub-plots to be found...

Capped by one of the most famous speeches ever written, Shakespeare’s Henry V recalls a truly great English victory. With comic sub-plots to be found among Henry’s soldiers, the production boasts some terrific performances – including Sam Cox as the ‘splendidly unhinged’ Pistol (The Daily Telegraph). In the title role is Jamie Parker, who ‘casts such a rapt spell that you feel the entire audience would rise up to march behind him’ (The Independent). Filmed in High Definition and true Surround Sound.


" works a treat, and the pacing is superb, helped by the inspired idea of giving the role of the Chorus to the birdlike Irish actress Brid Brennan – who flits about in the guise of a serving wench, like the slighted spirit of “Her-story”. Elsewhere, the Archbishop of Canterbury and Bishop of Ely (Paul Rider and Brendan O’Hea) entertainingly hatch plots while taking it in turns on the privy; and the Welshman Captain Fluellen (O’Hea again) is a garrulous hoot, at the vanguard of the play’s amused sense of Britain’s emergent, bickering nationhood. And Sam Cox makes for a splendidly unhinged Pistol, all wayward delivery and shifty body-language. In the end, though, the evening acts as a chastening reminder of what a country needs when it’s up against it." (The Daily Telegraph ★★★★)

"... another enjoyably sharp production from this resurgent venue — and we have artistic director Dominic Dromgoole to thank on both counts." (Evening Standard ★★★★)

"This production, directed by Dominic Dromgoole, is period costume, loyally done, blessed with a ruggedly decent Henry. Jamie Parker is handsome, calm, easy in his skin." (The Daily Mail ★★★★)

"Henry V was written for mass appeal, a patriotic celebration of what it is to be English for better or worse. Dromgoole’s production plays to these strengths and as such marks a cultural high point in the 2012 celebrations." (The Stage)

Product Description:

  • Release Date: January 07, 2022

  • UPC: 809478011125

  • Catalog Number: OA 1112D

  • Label: Opus Arte

  • Number of Discs: 1

  • Period: Renaissance

  • Composer: William Shakespeare

  • Orchestra/Ensemble: Shakespeare's Global

  • Performer: Jamie Parker, Sam Cox, Paul Rider, Giles Cooper, Brendan O’Hea, Olivia Ross, Beruce Khan, Roger Watk


  1. Henry V

    Composer: William Shakespeare

    Ensemble: Shakespeare's Globe

    Performer: Dominic Dromgoole (Director), Jamie Parker (Henry V), Brendan O’Hea (Captain Fluellen/Bishop of Ely), Paul Rider (Bardolph/Archbishop of Canterbury/Duke of Burgundy), Brid Brennan (Chorus/Queen Isabel), Sam Cox (Pistol), David Hargreaves (King of France/ Nym/Sir Thomas Erpingham), Chris Starkie (Michael Williams/Earl of Cambridge /Duke of Orleans/Captain Jam), Olivia Ross (Princess Katherine/Boy), Nigel Cooke (Duke of Exeter), Kurt Egyiawan (Louis the Dauphin/Lord Scroop), Roger Watkins (Constable of France/Governor of Harfleur), Giles Cooper (Montjoy/Monsieur le Fer/Sir Thomas Grey), Lisa Stevenson (Hostess Quickly/Alice), Matthew Flynn (Captain Gower), James Lailey (Earl of Westmoreland/Captain Macmorris), Beruce Khan (John Bates/Duke of York)