Shakespeare: The Tempest

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Widely considered to be the last of his solo plays, The Tempest is Shakespeare’s final masterpiece, a tale of ‘forgiveness, generosity and enlightenment’ in which Prospero, the rightful Duke of Milan, conjures up a storm to lure his perfidious brother to the enchanted island on which he and his daughter Miranda have spent 12 years in exile. Combining sumptuous Jacobean costume with enchanting music and ‘spellbinding staging’ (The Daily Telegraph), this acclaimed Globe production – starring Olivier Award winner Roger Allam as a ‘poignantly humane’ Prospero (The Financial Times) – is a touching portrayal of one of the Bard's most lyrical stage works. Filmed in High Definition and true Surround Sound.


The Tempest is Shakespeare's last full play and has always been seen as his farewell to the stage. The story of Prospero and his magic isle and the enemies who are shipwrecked there is the most luminous and austere of Shakespeare's last plays, the so-called romances where he uses fantasy to project a vision that might as easily be a revelation. The Tempest has a sprite, Ariel, and a monster, Caliban – both of them rich, lyrical roles – but what it requires more than anything else is an actor who is equal to the demands of Shakespeare's magus, Prospero. In this Globe production, Prospero is played by one of Britain's greatest actors, Roger Allam​. It's marvellous to see one of Shakespeare's great, late roles done by a master.

Jeremy Herrin​'s production is neat and efficient. Jessie Buckley is a tousle-haired Miranda who's gobsmacked by the brave new world she encounters and Joshua James as Ferdinand in his blonde gormless way presents the rapture of the boy who's got the prettiest girl at the dance. Colin Morgan ( TV's The Fall, Humans) is a feathery Ariel with appropriate touches of subtlety and reticence. James Garnon​ has vigour as Caliban.

Allam's Prospero is absolutely steady in its musicality, its stillness, its projection of a wisdom that can contain paradises and purgatories, storms by sea and storms of the heart.

Prospero is as much a signature role as Hamlet and Allam conveys the weariness behind the histrionic mastery and the calm to which it will be a prelude. He never milks the language which represents Shakespeare's late manner at its most opalescent and baroque. But the steadiness of the variations on the iambic pentameter have a music that draws us into the heart of the mystery of this meaning-of-life play. (The Sydney Morning Herald ★★★★)

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  • Release Date: January 07, 2022

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  1. The Tempest

    Composer: William Shakespeare

    Ensemble: Shakespeare's Globe

    Performer: Roger Allam (Prospero), Jason Baughan (Antonio), Jessie Buckley (Miranda), Sam Cox (Stephano), James Garnon (Caliban), Colin Morgan (Ariel), Trevor Fox (Trinculo), Jeremy Herrin (Director)