Zingarelli: Simphonies 5-8 / Moretto, Atalanta Fugiens Orchestra

Zingarelli: Simphonies 5-8 / Moretto, Atalanta Fugiens Orchestra

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The Sinfonie milanesi, unique among Zingarelli’s symphonies as they are in three movements, took their name by the American musicologist Rey Longyear, due to the place in which they are conserved (Conservatory of Milan). Composed around 1780 in a Mitteleuropean style, they reflect the stylistic changes of the epoch through the dramatic use of the minor mode, reaching new and powerful expressive meanings, after decades in which the use of the major mode was predominant. Atalanta Fugiens Orchestra is a group made up of people who share a passion for Music as a means of knowledge, in the awareness that the knowledge that Music offers us is absolutely not reducible to language (on pain of its disintegration). The knowledge that the study of treatises, of counterpoint, of the musical text offers us are certainly precious gifts, but which must be "dropped" (like the fruits that Aphrodite gave to Hippomenes) to enjoy the true and ineffable Knowledge of Music.

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