Tantalo: Baroque Bel Canto / Urbano, L'Armonia Degli Affetti

Tantalo: Baroque Bel Canto / Urbano, L'Armonia Degli Affetti

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“Imitar col canto chi parla” (“imitating in song one who speaks”): that ideal, expressed by Jacopo Peri in the preface to his setting of Euridice, heralded a veritable revolution in vocal music, beginning with the experiments, towards the end of the sixteenth century, of the Florentine Camerata – a group of intellectuals and musicians led by Count Giovanni de’ Bardi, who aimed to revive the glorious art of ancient Greek tragedy. According to written accounts, the latter was sung, or spoken, in such a way that the words, while remaining intelligible at all times, were emotionally heightened. The members of the Camerata wished thus to break with the polyphonic madrigal tradition of the Renaissance and turn to accompanied monody, recitar cantando, thereby returning to the pre-eminence of the word as the means of conveying human emotions, with the music, henceforth subordinate to speech, serving to magnify and amplify it.

Product Description:

  • Catalog Number: IBS-132021

  • UPC: 8436597700146

  • Label: IBS Classical

  • Composer: Barbara Strozzi, Bellerofonte Castaldi, Benedetto Ferrari, Dario Castello, Domenico Mazzocchi, Giovanni Girolamo Kapsperger, Giulio Caccini, Marco da Gagliano, Nicolo Fontei, Tarquinio Merula

  • Conductor: Alessandro Urbano

  • Orchestra/Ensemble: L'Armonia Degli Affetti

  • Performer: Alicia Amo, Carlos Mena