The Aeolians / Ferdinand

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“This recording project was captured mere days before the semester was abruptly altered. This recording would not have happened if it were scheduled three days later! That thought is sobering and makes me cherish even more this compilation. History is teeming with inspiring stories where, in the midst of a tragedy, humanity has risen to levels of heroism that are simply beyond our day-to-day imagination. This phenomenon is in full effect as I write during this two-headed pandemic: COVID19 + racial tensions. These two viruses are literally killing humanity. Both are crippling. Although lingering emotions of fear, uncertainty, and anguish are constant, compassion is on full display during these times of hardship. How moving it is to see tributes being paid to medical workers who are facing this silent killer head on! It brought tears to my eyes to see a community in Italy curating their own concert as they stood in windows and doorways playing instruments and singing. Seeing persons of all varying ethnic backgrounds in the streets protesting for racial equality is a beautiful thing. Music is a reflection of society. For some listeners, it can be a sobering reminder of calamity. In contrast, some people find consolation in music and feed their being with its rhythm and beat. Whenever they feel despondent, they can plug into music to help alleviate their sorrow. If you are reading this, you are a key conduit in making sure this art form reaches the masses. Because music consolidates humanity, it is cause for optimism. Through our programming we can bring hope to so many in need. You, our audience, should be provoked, challenged, and leave with optimism—the type of optimism that Mahatma Ghandi and Martin Luther King possessed. We, the Aeolians, are no longer satisfied with solely displaying musical prowess. Coupling hope with mastery could be the combination that produces uncompromising societal transformation. We have programmed this music hoping to appeal to the mind, but not leaving the heart untouched.” (Jason Max Ferdinand)

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