The Art of Boris Goldstein, Vol. 3

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IDIS continues with its tradition of rediscovering the greatest Russian violinists of the 19th century. Here, they present a series of wonderful recordings performed by Boris Goldstein between 1959 and 1962 - still lesser known in the modern western world. The high esteem that Jascha Heifetz always had for this exceptional artist is well-known and the listening of this third album of the series can be considered the best so far. Listeners can appreciate a very pure sound that may be described as brightly with a various and rich vibrato, and a talent that allowed this exceptional artist to perform perfectly every single expressive nuance. Boris Golstein - an artist whose discographical career has been much too undervalued. The three recordings on this album have been carefullyr estored and are a document of incredible value for all audiences and violin lovers.

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