The Romantics Vol 2 - Fauré: Nocturnes / Sally Pinkas

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Received opinion holds that the subtle inner workings of Fauré's solo piano works are difficult to communicate across the footlights of a standard size concert hall. I doubt, however, that Sally Pinkas believes so. Each of Fauré's 13 Nocturnes benefits from Pinkas' ample, full-bodied tone and confident yet never aggressive projection. She is less inclined to savor the first five Nocturnes' wistful melodies than to interpret the composer's "molto espressivo" directions by fashioning the right hand phrases into paragraphic statements that keep the storylines vibrantly afloat. At the same time, Pinkas is astutely attuned to the later Nocturnes' allusive harmonic language and bleak surface style. In general, her playing proves a compelling foil to the drier, small-roomed intimacy characterizing Jean-Phillipe Collard's reference EMI set, and the extraordinary, classic mono traversals by Germaine Thyssens-Valentin (Testament). A bonus disc features Pinkas delivering an insightful and warmly communicative talk about these works, with appropriate musical demonstrations. Highly recommended.--Jed Distler,

Product Description:

  • Catalog Number: MO0109

  • UPC: 801890010922

  • Label: Musica Omnia

  • Composer: Gabriel Fauré

  • Performer: Sally Pinkas