Tokyo Story: Works by Takanobu Saito / Aoki

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“In 2018, the music of Ozu's films has been revived by the Japanese pianist Miki Aoki. Spending most of her life abroad, she told me that Japanese composers and their works were not so familiar to her, but that she was very drawn to my father’s music. My father’s vintage works have been revived in this new era by a talented artist: Miki Aoki. These piano works are absolute gems in every sense. I hope you enjoy the music of my father, Takanobu Saito, works which transcend into this new era. The beginning of the story of this album goes back to 2015. I was sorting through my father’s belongings when I came across an old cassette tape. The label on it said “Ozu Yasujiro memorial piano album composed and played by Takanobu Saito”. I had no idea what this could be, and since I did not own a cassette tape player I could not listen to it. But the curiosity stayed in my head and I could not stop thinking about what might be on this cassette tape. I finally went out and purchased a new cassette tape player. On this tape was my own father playing the music from Yasujiro Ozu’s films. There were main themes and polkas from the films “Tokyo Story”, “Early Spring”, “Tokyo Twilight”, “Equinox Flower”, “Floating Weeds”, “Late Autumn” and “An Autumn Afternoon” for all of which my father composed the music.” (Tamio Saito, son of Takanobu Saito)

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