Torri: Trastulli and Arias - Entertainment for the Bavarian Court / Dolci, Musica Fiorita

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Pietro Torri's (1650-1737) life and work are closely connected with the Bavarian Elector Max Emanuel, whom he served for almost half a century. The monarch loved a pompous court with elaborately staged operas and festive cantatas. Torri provided the music, composing almost 20 operas and a large number of sacred and secular works for the Bavarian court, making Munich one of the great musical centers north of the Alps alongside Vienna. A special feature of Torri's oeuvre are his "Trastulli" (literally: time-wasting, playfulness) - a collection of 60 Italian arias with partly obligatory virtuoso instrumental interludes for evening entertainment in private court circles. Daniela Dolci has compiled a selection of "Trastulli" into a pastiche and combined it with virtuoso opera arias by Torri. The program gives a wonderful insight into the work of the opera and vocal composer Pietro Torri.

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