Trascendo / Jonathan Mesonero

Trascendo / Jonathan Mesonero

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Trascendo is a thrilling journey through that unknown dimension that blurs the contours of pain and then, guided by a wonderful repertoire for violin solo, heaven and earth come closer. The violinist composers who wrote the four intense, vibrant masterpieces of Trascendo give us their immense talent to show that beyond life there is music. Jonathan Mesonero gives us much more than a virtuous and masterful performance. Few musicians have the gift not to read, but to breathe the score, physically and mentally. He breathes the notes as if they were oxygen that sometimes enters lightly while some other times it is so pure it even hurts. He processes the bars in his bloodstream by sending them to each nerve ending until he becomes one with his violin to transform those notes into sounds full of magic. Listening to him means feeling. Is it not feeling, feeling intensely, what we all look for in music? In a time driven by flat images of perfect unreality, Trascendo is a tribute to our imperfect humanity, to our condition as mere mortals who sometimes are able to sublimate feelings until they become a pulse of the soul that is able to break through the barriers of this world.

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