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“...Ice-cold princes and ladies of the court were seen to cry when he played an adagio. Tears often fell from his own eyes onto his violin as he played... His bow-stroke was slow and stately; but unlike Tartini, he did not tear out the notes by the roots, but kissed only their tips. He played staccato very slowly and every note seemed to be a drop of blood, which flowed from the most feeling of souls.” Just one example of the quotes that Wolfgang Wedel has dug out to accompany this recording. This one refers to Pietro Nardini but it could just as well apply to Daniel Gaede, sympathetically accompanied by Wolfgang Kühnl. OK, so maybe not the bit about tears! But the sensitivity of Gaede’s violin playing is difficult to describe adequately. Over and above this, there are a few unusual encores by the likes of Shostakovich, Korngold or Suk to be discovered. A recording for music lovers and connoisseurs to savour, not to mention lovers of the warm, nostalgic Tube Sound.

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