Unknown Prophet

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Trichome's are the antennas or sensors of a plant that absorb sunlight. The philosophy of the trio cannot be described better. The musicians absorb all the influences around them and process them into an independent, entirely new music, which also includes coherent, courageous use of electronic effects, experimental sounds, hip-hop, odd-meter jazz, European classical music and folk music from the Balkans, Asia and the Orient in addition to acoustic passages. No standards - which goes without saying - but instead nine own compositions (everything by Nesin Howhannesijan except for "Con Dos Cojones" by Benny Lackner) with odd rhythms, subtle punch and great sensitivity. Lackner uses the Korg Kaos Pad, which generates a lot of confusing, exciting sounds, while Piñera does not act like a conventional drummer, but also play gongs and other percussion instruments. The energy level never falls below a certain level, and the complexity of the structures interestingly facilitates listening pleasure. It is always about the balance of the three instruments, about a balance that brings all the participants to the same level. The title "Unknown Prophet" symbolizes a whole series of unknown musicians for the bassist, musicians who have long emancipated themselves from the traditional laws and who actually deserve to be heard more. Nesin Howhannesijan does not believe that Trichome shares this fate. "We all come from tradition. Of course, we communicate with our vocabulary. But jazz has become such a wide field that we draw our inspiration not only from the past, but also from the present. We also incorporate things that we find interesting. Anything is allowed and possible with us." Trichome has a much larger pool of inspiration than Bill Evans, the grail guardian of the modern piano trio, did in the 1960s.

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