Until We Meet Again / Guetinger, Quatro Forte, Duo Arpeggio

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The words ‘Irish blessing’ are sure to make you think of the famous verse about sending a traveller on their way. It is found in German translation in the new hymn books of many Lutheran and Protestant churches. Schwetzingen chamber choir Quatro Forte, “two dozen voices” that “truly sing as bewitchingly as if the choir had our hearts in their hands” (Schwetzinger Zeitung), was founded in 1991. These days, the Schwetzingen choir has a privileged place in the cultural life of the Rhein-Neckar metropolitan region, having developed a varied repertoire in the course of its twenty-seven-year existence. With works for up to 16 parts from the Renaissance to modern times, both unaccompanied and with orchestral accompaniment, the chamber choir displays great musical versatility, with special emphasis on singing the music so as to express the full meaning of the words while achieving a smoothly balanced, sensitive choral sound. Alexander Gütinger has been musical director of the ensemble since 2008. It is to his energy and vision that the choir owes its homogeneous balance of voices and its consequent audience recognition. The present album was recorded in the Franz-Danzi-Saal in Schwetzingen with the generous support of the City of Schwetzingen and its Music School. This peace and security is again conveyed by the purely instrumental works on this release, which owe their special timbre to the traditional Irish instruments, the flute and harp.

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