Ysaÿe: 6 Sonatas For Solo Violin, Op 27 / Leonidas Kavakos

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Johannes Ockeghem was one of the most respected composers of the Franco-Flemish school of Renaissance polyphony and is the key figure in the transitional period between Guillaume Dufay and Josquin Des Préz. He was a singer at Notre Dame in Antwerp and eventually settled in France, where he served three different kings. The four-part Missa 'Mi-Mi' is one of only four masses written by Ockeghem that did not rely on a cantus firmus (a pre-existing melody reiterated throughout the work). The piece is marvelously wrought with high-flying melodies that are woven into a dense polyphonic structure. Jacob Obrecht was more widely traveled than Ockeghem, and held various posts in Utrecht, Bruges, and Ferrara. Obrecht was prolific and his music has an exuberance that is quite compelling, especially in the Gloria from the Missa 'Sub tuum praesidium.'
The Kurrende der Peterskirche Leipzig is a large ensemble led by Dietrich Knothe. They bring a dark sonority to the music that is quite lush, especially in the Sanctus from Ockeghem's mass. A boy's choir and a small instrumental ensemble are added to the performing ranks of the Obrecht mass. This is a masterful performance that presents an exquisite blend of voices and colors.

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  • Catalog Number: BIS-CD-1046

  • UPC: 7318590010464

  • Label: BIS

  • Composer: Eugène Ysaÿe

  • Performer: Leonidas Kavakos