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Ondine Label Sale Spring 2024

Classical musicians speak of the "Finnish Miracle," a flourishing that has given the world too many first-rate composers, conductors, soloists, and ensembles to name—and of course, Ondine. Hear the miracle for yourself.

Chandos Label Sale Spring 2024

Sinfonia of London. Jean-Efflam Bavouzet. Roderick Williams. Francesca Dego. The stars are just the beginning in this 800-title sale collection for one of the greatest classical labels out there.

The Arkiv Blog

Nina Kotova: Solo Cello | 50 Years of Delos

Cellist Nina Kotova brings baroque & 20th-century repertoire together with confident artistry on her album Solo Cello. We talked with the artist about the experiences and ideas that led to its creation, and about the label that released it in its own 50th year: Delos.

Anthony Roth Costanzo on The Lord of Cries

In John Corigliano's opera The Lord of Cries, Dracula receives a stunning new backstory: he is the Greek god Dionysus, returned to earth for a bloody Bacchanal. What does it feel like to sing this role? We asked superstar Anthony Roth Costanzo!

"Let Music Swell the Breeze:" A Roundtable

Conductor Alexander Mickelthwate trusted that composer Jonathan Leshnoff could write stirring elegiac music. But on their new album with the Oklahoma City Philharmonic and violinist Noah Bendix-Balgley, listeners hear many sides of Leshnoff's art.

All Set(s): Sinclair & Swafford on Charles Ives

Charles Ives's Sets for Small Orchestra had never been gathered on one recording until conductor James Sinclair released his latest album in 2023. In this Arkiv Live Q+A, watch as Sinclair and fellow Ivesian Jan Swafford discuss this exciting title!

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